“When Dreams Travel”- Githa Hariharan

when dreams travel

“But without the dissembling crutch of masculinity, she has slipped into a world where speculation is her mother tongue. Where story and myth and legend pinion her body with their overturned bowls of flesh.”

Githa Hariharan’s “When Dreams Travel” is a classic novel that can be read as a feminist perspective to what may have happened to Shahrzad and the other characters after the end of “The Arabian Nights” or “One Thousand and One Nights”. It is best read by the above average reader as the novel is intense and psychological. The mind is delved into in the form of the dreams and this technique may prove to be a bit too much for an amateur reader. The novel offers no ultimate answers. It is left to the reader to reach a conclusion, or not to reach one.

Yet I cannot deny that I was transported into another world…and other times. To weave such a narrative requires immeasurable talent and in that way, the author stands a mile apart.

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